Nutrition and academic performance among adolescences

  • Tengiz Verulava Medicine and Healthcare Management School, Caucasus University
  • Rozi Devnozashvili Medicine and Healthcare Management School, Caucasus University
Keywords: breakfast, healthy diet, school students, academic performance, nutrition status, cognition


Introduction: Nutrition affects the mental development of students. Consequently, it correlates with their academic performance. The study aims to examine the connection between nutrition and the academic performance of school students. Methodology: Within the quantitative cross-sectional research, 492 students of VII–X grades of public and private schools of Georgia have been interviewed through preliminarily structured online questionnaires. Outcomes: The study showed that 54% of school students hardly eat their breakfast during a week. The majority of students eat unhealthy meals, as they contain fewer protein products, dairy foods, vegetables, fruits, and consume excessive carbohydrate-containing produce. Academic performance correlates with meal frequency (p=0.043), breakfast and supper quality (p=0.000), fruit variety (p=0.000), as well as with the consumption of carbonated beverages (p=0.000) and chips (p=0.010). The study has also demonstrated that obesity (6%) and overweight (14%) are apparent problems. In addition, obesity is more common in boys (p=0.003). Conclusion: Reliable connection between eating habits and academic performance has been statistically confirmed. Obesity and overweight in adolescents is significant problem. It is reasonable to undertake targeted interventions, develop and introduce students’ healthy eating manual, tailored to their needs and interests, that will be positively reflected in student academic achievement. Each member of the school community (student, parent, pedagogue, school administration) shall realize the importance of nutrition in terms of students’ health and academic performance.

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Verulava, Tengiz, and Rozi Devnozashvili. 2021. “Nutrition and Academic Performance Among Adolescences”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 28 (3), 275-83.