Metabolic and hormonal prognostic markers of essential arterial hypertension considering the genes polymorphism AGTR1 (rs5186) and VDR (rs2228570)

  • Marianna Semianiv Assistant of the Family Medicine Department
  • Larysa Sydorchuk
  • Larysa Fedonyuk
  • Zoia Nebesna
  • Olexandr Kamyshnyi
  • Andrii Sydorchuk
  • Valentyna Vasiuk
  • Valentyna Dzhuryak
  • Igor Semianiv
  • Ruslan Sydorchuk


Background and aims: Essential arterial hypertension (EAH) is the most common global non-communicable disease. Material and method: 100 subjects with EAH and target-organ damaging (2nd stage), moderate, high, very high cardiovascular risk was involved in the case-control study. The control group consisted of 60 healthy individuals of relevant gender and age. All recruited subjects were tested for serum levels of fasting glucose, ionized calcium, parathyroid hormone, 25-hydroxyvitamin D. AGTR1 gene genotyping was performed for 72 patients and 48 healthy individuals, VDR gene – for 100 patients and 60 healthy subjects. Results: EAH associates with increased parathormone (>65.0 pg/ml) by 16.04% in C-allele carriers of AGTR1 gene (rs5186) and decreased 25-hydroxyvitamin D (<30 ng/ml) regardless of the genotypes AGTR1 (rs5186) and VDR (rs2228570) genes. Reduced serum level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D escalates the risk of EAH almost threefold, fasting hyperglycemia leads to growth of EAH risk almost 15 times. Changes in parathormone, ionized calcium concentration, as well as VDR gene do not influence the risk of EAH in the examined. Conclusions: Low level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, fasting hyperglycemia increases the EAH risk regardless AGTR1 (rs5186) and VDR (rs2228570) genes’ alleles. C-allele of AGTR1 gene is a prognostic marker of EAH in the observed population.

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Semianiv, Marianna, Larysa Sydorchuk, Larysa Fedonyuk, Zoia Nebesna, Olexandr Kamyshnyi, Andrii Sydorchuk, Valentyna Vasiuk, Valentyna Dzhuryak, Igor Semianiv, and Ruslan Sydorchuk. 2021. “Metabolic and Hormonal Prognostic Markers of Essential Arterial Hypertension Considering the Genes Polymorphism AGTR1 (rs5186) and VDR (rs2228570)”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 28 (3), 284-91.