Diabetes and oral health: A review

  • Divine Nathalie Prato under graduate Student
  • Mamatha Shetty
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Periodontitis, Oral Health, Gingivitis


Diabetes mellitus is a common systemic disease whose incidence is currently rising in our contemporary world. In recent years, it has been well known that chronic periodontitis is listed as an important segment of the complications of diabetes mellitus. Along with chronic periodontitis several other oral manifestations such as increased incidence of dental caries, aphthous ulcers, xerostomia, burning mouth syndrome, etc. It has also been seen that those with diabetes mellitus are more prone to such oral conditions when compared to healthy individuals. Awareness regarding the bidirectional relationship between diabetes mellitus and general oral health, which is bidirectional in nature has shown to be unsatisfactory among the general public and those with diabetes whereas there is satisfactory awareness among physicians and dental practitioners.

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