A concise review of the technical and medical implications of type 2 diabetes mellitus

  • Jayakrishnan Balakrishnapillai Educare Institute of Dental Science, Malappuram, Kerala, India
Keywords: type 2 diabetes, COVID-19, biomarker, diagnosis, diabetes treatment


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is considered a burdensome global disease, and decades of constant research demonstrate that the severity of this disease continues to affect people disproportionately. This review investigated the information about this disease characterization that increases blood glucose levels, leading to high mortality and morbidity. This review is motivated by the above-described factors. It presents various technical information such as animal models, digital diabetes, treatment methods, and diabetes management during the COVID-19 pandemic from recent research on DM. This article also emphasizes that more research should be considered in the retardation of disease progression by appropriate detection of targeted medications. Furthermore, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic emphasized unequal vulnerabilities among certain diabetic groups, making the intractable nature of the disease more severe. Hence, fortified research has to be adopted urgently to effectively prevent, monitor, and treat diabetes and its complications. Chronic disease increases medical expenses and disease-related deaths and reduces the quality of life. In particular, type 2 diabetes mellitus needs an in-depth understanding of optimized diagnosis and treatment methods, thereby reducing the burden on medical experts and patients.

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Balakrishnapillai, Jayakrishnan. 2024. “A Concise Review of the Technical and Medical Implications of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 31 (2), 228-34. https://rjdnmd.org/index.php/RJDNMD/article/view/1319.