Evaluation of some biochemical parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome

  • Maitham Abdallah Naas Albajy Department of Anatomy, Animal Biology, Animal Physiology and Biophysics, Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
  • Shurooq Asaad Abdulameer Shaher Department Medical Laboratories, Babylon Technical Institute, Alfurat Al Awsat Technical University, Kufa, Iraq
  • Dan Florin Mihailescu Biometric Psychiatric Genetics Research Unit, Alexandru Obregia Psychiatric Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
Keywords: metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, hypertension, lipid profile, type 2 diabetes


The term “metabolic syndrome” indicates a collection of metabolic abnormalities that raises a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes mellitus type w (T2DM). Hypertension, obesity, glucose intolerance, and dyslipidemia are all symptoms of MetS. The primary risk factor for DM development is insulin resistance (IR), which is the critical stage of metabolic syndrome. The current research sought to compare levels of IR in 3 study groups. The current research comprised 50 patients with metabolic syndrome, 50 cases with a minimum of 1 metabolic syndrome symptom as a pathological control, and 50 healthy controls. In the current research, various available kits were used to measure hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C), fasting insulin, fasting blood glucose, and lipid profile, which included the triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), total cholesterol (TC), and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) concentrations. The present investigation revealed highly significant differences across study groups; however, no significant differences were found when comparing the two genders of the same sub-groups.

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Albajy, Maitham, Shurooq Shaher, and Dan Mihailescu. 2023. “Evaluation of Some Biochemical Parameters in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 30 (4), 390-97. https://rjdnmd.org/index.php/RJDNMD/article/view/1365.