The Early metabolic disorders among medical students

  • Natalia Pertseva
  • Mariia Rokutova endocrinologist
  • Kateryna Malyar
  • Samir Shehadeh
  • Roder Saido
Keywords: medical students, obesity, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, microalbuminuria.


Background and aims: People suffering from cardiovascular diseases (CVD), chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and/or diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2 or at high risk of such diseases need early detection and management. Purpose is to investigate early metabolic disorders among medical students. Material and Methods: investigated I group - Ukrainian medical students (n=31) with abdominal obesity and control group (n=12, healthy students). Methods: physical examination, medical history assessing, oral glucose tolerance test, HOMA-IR, blood lipids, urine albumin excretion (UAE), insulin, leptin, statistical methods. Results. Microalbuminuria is in 3 (9.7%) patients of I group. From I group 5 (16.1%) were active smokers, 26 (83.9%) - never smokers. The mean smoking index in I group was 5.0 (3.0; 7.0) packs/years, with correlation for UAE (r=+0.39; p=0.02). Hyperleptinemia was found in 30 (96.8%) patients in I group (p<0.01), with correlation for UAE (r=+0.75; p<0.001). In I group 8 (25.8%) patients had IFG and 9 (29.1%) IGT; 27 (87.1%) - hyperinsulinemia and 96.8% had IR (with correlation for UAE - r=+0.73; p<0.001). Decreased HDL and elevated levels of TG was found in I group (p<0.01). Conclusions: In medical students with abdominal obesity we found hyperleptinemia; dyslipidemia; prediabetic conditions and insulin resistance. Microalbuminuria was revealed only in 9.7% patients and indicates the early stages of glomerular kidney damage and the presence of endothelial dysfunction. Correlation analysis confirmed the predictive role of metabolic disorders for increasing UAE. Relationship between insulin resistance and urine albumin (r=+0.73, р˂0,001) indicates a predictive role in the development of renal dysfunction.         

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Pertseva, Natalia, Mariia Rokutova, Kateryna Malyar, Samir Shehadeh, and Roder Saido. 2022. “The Early Metabolic Disorders Among Medical Students”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 29 (1), 28-34.