Anti-Diabetic Therapy in Covid-19

  • Antonio Vitiello
  • Francesco Ferrara USL Umbria 1
Keywords: COVID-19, inflammatory, diabetes, hyperglycemia, immunomodulants, Sars-Cov-2



 The COVID-19 virus is one of the most significant challenges of humanity and is causing thousands of deaths worldwide. Drugs active against the virus are being developed and tested, but it appears that lung lesions are the lethal ones that lead to the patient’s death. The experimentation of new drugs has led to a few positive results, but an effective vaccine will soon become available, as the virus is further studied. People with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, are critically ill, and ongoing thera­pies can lead to management difficulties with many subsequent clinical complications in the pandemic period. Glycemic con­trol and appropriate measures for a diabetic patient are key priorities, especially in patients that tested positive for COVID-19. This article describes the current evidence in the literature regarding the risks of the possible administration of antidiabetic drugs in the COVID-19 patient, as well as analyzing the blood glucose data and its homeostasis, which are fundamental data to combat a viral infection.

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Vitiello, Antonio, and Francesco Ferrara. 2020. “Anti-Diabetic Therapy in Covid-19”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 27 (2), 153-55.
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