Type 2 diabetes in young adults, can we do more for them? – case presentation

  • Ivana Trajkovska macedonian
  • Daniela Buklioska Ilievska 8th September, City General Hospital, Skopje, N. Macedonia
  • Taner Hasan 8th September, City General Hospital, Skopje, N. Macedonia


Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), once considered a disease of old age, now occurs not uncommonly in children and young adults. Youth-onset type 2 diabetes is on the rise, and trends in childhood obesity only partially explain the recent appearance of a condition that was previously confined to adults. The difficulty in T2DM in young adults highlights the critical need to promote healthy lifestyle to prevent or postpone the development of T2DM in those at risk. For individuals with early onset T2DM, glycemic control must be carefully monitored and treated. We reported here a case that provides a successful management and treatment of the use of metformin, liraglutide, and most important lifestyle modifications to reduce body weight in young obese patient with poorly controlled and new diagnosed T2DM.