Obesogenic behaviors, impact on the general population

  • Mariana Spătărelu Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Oradea
  • Amorin Remus Popa
Keywords: obesity, adiposity, cardiometabolic diseases, behavior, diet, physical activity


Obesity is a chronic multifactorial, multisystemic disease, responsible for 4,7 million premature deaths annually. [1] The epidemic of obesity is an important challange for public health all across the world. Now more than ever, obesity afects globally both developing countries and wealthy societies. More than half of the European population is affected by adiposity. [2] Obesity-related diseases are responsible for the reduction of the life expectancy with almost four years. Rising prevalence of obesity raises the risk of debilitating multimorbidity and mortality.  Personal behaviors such as diet, physical activity, screen time, stress levels have an important role the efficiency of individual interventions and comorbidity prognostic. [2] The excessive weight gain at the population level leads to cardiometabolic, pulmonary and oncological comorbidities.  [2]

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