• Anca Mihaela Hancu Lotus Med Clinic Bucharest
Keywords: anthropogens, metaflammation, meaninglessness, healthy lifestyle


A large percentage 63% of premature deaths and chronic diseases could be prevented by adhering to healthy dietary patterns, being physically active and avoid smoking. The concept of lifestyle medicine introduced 20 years ago by Rippe is defined as the integration of modern lifestyle practices into evidence-based medicine, in order to lower risk factors or to be support for chronic therapies. A new taxonomy is proposed in lifestyle medicine, with determinants, as drivers for chronic diseases, anthropogens and metaflammation, the metabolic inflammatory state. Other possible determinants are proposed for lack os scope in life, estrangement and lost identity. Despite all health messages, healthy behaviors are exceptions, not the rule. It will be important in the future to change how practitioners will support individuals in their efforts to live healthier. More psychological and social factors should be analyzed. Many doctors are not self- confident with prescribing healthy lifestyle or nutritional recommendations. Creating a new discipline should foster development of preventive recommendations. General practitioners will need specific academic trainings to learn how to promote recommendations for lifestyle changes for health, for prevention and for diseases management, starting by adopting themselves healthy lifestyles.

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