• Vlad Andrei Nechifor
  • Denis Iulian Trufă
  • Cătălin Marian Ciută
  • Lidia Iuliana Graur
  • Iulia Potorac
  • Mariana Graur
Keywords: malnutrition, nutritional status, nutritional support, perioperative complications


Malnutrition is defined as the pathological state in which the nutritional intake is insufficient, excessive or ill-balanced and represents a frequent problem among hospitalized patients. The risk factors involved in the development of malnutrition are related to the patient, the amplitude of the surgical gesture and the non-surgical treatment. The evaluation of the nutritional status in the perioperative period using clinical and paraclinical parameters is essential. Based on the parameters, bio-clinical scores such as the Nutritional Risk Index or the Subjective Global Assessment, which establish the risk for perioperative complications, were composed. The medico-surgical collaboration which includes ICU-specialists, nutritionists and surgeons is essential for the investigation of the nutritional status, determining the time of the intervention and the necessity for nutritional support.

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Nechifor, Vlad, Denis Trufă, Cătălin Ciută, Lidia Graur, Iulia Potorac, and Mariana Graur. 2011. “PERIOPERATIVE NUTRITIONAL STATUS”. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 18 (4), 391-97.
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