In October, 19, 2009 Paulescu Triumphed in Canada

  • Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgovişte,


When, in 1996, I published – in the Genesis Printing House – the monograph entitled “Insulin – the medical discovery of the century belongs to the Romanian .C. Paulescu” – I was convinced that the truth included in this quite lengthy title could not be mystified for an indefinite period of time. At the time 75 years had already elapsed since the great event, which was correctly related to the year 1921, took place, but which – according to circumstances and subjective preferences – was incorrectly attributed to either Banting and Best (as it appeared in certain medical treaties) or to Banting and MacLeod (as it appeared in other treaties that mentioned the names of those who, in 1923, unfairly received the Nobel Prize for the discovery made by Paulescu).

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